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Copaxone Step-by-Step


Injecting Using autoject®2

Preparation of the autoject®2

Self-injection with the autoject®2

Self-injection with the autoject®2 - Thigh

“Cap” is made up of clear rigid plastic and non-latex sheath. Fixed needle is embedded in the glass syringe.


Injecting the air bubble subcutaneously will do no harm.

Injection 1

autoject®2 for glass syringe 

Injection 2

  1. Push straight in until Cap Remover is “seated”. Injection 3
  2. Set depth of needle penetration. smaller number = shallower injection Injection 4
  3. Unscrew the Syringe Housing from the Injector Body. Injection 5
  4. Push in Yellow Plunger with the end of the Syringe Housing. Injection 6
  5. Listen for “click”. Injection 7
  6. Cap Remover must still be attached. Injection 8
    7a. Secure the Syringe Housing on a flat firm surface.
    7b. Insert capped syringe into Syringe Housing. Injection 9
  8. Push down on plunger until you feel (hear) the syringe “click” in place. Injection 10
  9. Screw the 2 pieces back together. Injection 11
  10. Grasp the Cap Remover. Injection 12
  11. Pull Cap Remover straight off with firm motion. Injection 13
  12. DON’T throw the Cap Remover away.
    The used Needle Cap will fall out of the Remover.Injection 14
  13. Place device at 90 degree angle to the skin, and apply slight pressure to disengage locking mechanism.Injection 15
  14. Press the Blue Firing Button and watch the Indicator Window. Injection 16
  15. Unscrew the Syringe Housing from the Injector Body and separate the two, slowly. Remove and dispose of the syringe. Put Cap Remover back on tip of the autoject®2.Injection 17
  16. Clean the external components and the inside of the Syringe Housing by wiping with a clean damp cloth or an alcohol wipe. Injection 18


  • DON’T pinch up the skin when using the autoject®2.
  • DON’T expel the air bubble.
  • DON’T uncap the needle.
  • Keep the Cap Remover.
  • Should you have any questions, please call Shared Solutions® 1-800-283-0034.

How to reach the injection sitesRefer to the Copaxone® Injection Guide for information on how to reach the various injection areas for injection with the autoject®2. The guide provides instructions on how to manage those hard-to-reach spots, as well as highlight the recommended injection areas.

Download the Copaxone® Injection Guide or contact a Shared Solutions nurse for further assistance with your injections.