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Special Services for Copaxone patients


Copaxone Financial Assistance

Canada is facing tough economic times and many Canadians are facing difficult financial decisions. Teva Neuroscience is committed to ensuring the health of Canadians by supporting those in need. The Copaxone Assistance Program has been created to provide access to therapy to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Above all else, your health and well-being come first.

To speak with a nurse about financial assistance for Copaxone, call 1-800-283-0034 or send an email to info@sharedsolutions.ca.

If you have insurance but need help paying for Copaxone

Even though you may be covered through your province or employer, you are still required to pay a certain amount for your medications every year. It’s different for everyone and some may have difficulty paying for their medications.

The Copaxone Assistance Program can help you by covering a portion of your current copay. This service is open to those who meet established requirements based on your level of income and where you reside. We have put these requirements in place to ensure that those who are truly in need receive a helping hand.

If you don’t have insurance

For any reason you may be missing coverage, whether you’ve just moved to another province or recently changed your employer, the Copaxone Assistance Program may be able to offer you a compassionate supply of Copaxone. In order to qualify, you will have to meet requirements that have been established to ensure that those who are truly in need receive a helping hand.

If you’re confused about how to get insurance

Navigating the murky waters of insurance coverage can be confusing. The rules are different for every province and each has its own special way of working. If you’re having difficulty figuring out what your next steps should be in applying for insurance, the Copaxone Assistance Program will be able to guide you in the right direction.